Dynamic Workspace Management

Key Features

Dynamically schedule & manage use of workspace

Schedule from any device, anywhere, anytime

Manage multiple facilities centrally


Enterprise Shared Workspace Management

Manage your workspaces dynamically to let your employees schedule their use of workspaces such as desks, cubicles, and offices & enables real-time visibility on occupancy visually represented on your facility floor plan

Co-working spaces management

Transform your co-working space into an on-demand digital business to drive revenue & market share. Centrally manage space inventory, administrative activities, communities, payments, etc. Enable your patrons to manage their reservations online and create a seamless experience.

Intelligent Vision

Key Features

Non-intrusive Computer Vision powered sensors

Artificial Intelligence at the edge

Anonymous data

Multiple solutions in one hardware

Installation in minutes



Detect people presence and dwell time in any monitored space powered by Neural Net algorithms. For e.g. Workspace, Meeting rooms, Store Aisles


Monitor and track people count at a facility, store or a branch


Detect Age & Gender of visitor traffic

Track map

Monitor people flow or movement patterns inside a store or a branch

Smart Insights

Key Features

Real time insights on facility utilization & people analytics

Industry specific KPIs to support business decisions

Rich visualization

Rule based automation

API to combine enterprise master & transactional data to correlate cause & effect scenarios



    Occupancy patterns

    Understand your occupancy on any day or any hour

    Capacity utilization

    Understand your highs and lows footfall against facility capacity

    Movement patterns

    Understand the movement of people in a physical space like conference rooms, meeting rooms and workspaces

    Benchmark facilities

    Compare the performance of all your facilities centrally


Visitor traffic pattern

Understand the visitor traffic pattern, dwell time in a store or branch office

Benchmark store performance

Compare key performance metrics such as the number of visitors, conversion rate etc. across stores or branches

Store movement pattern

The path visitors traverses within a store or a branch

Marketing effectiveness

Understand the impact of store promotions and impact on visitors footfall

Adaptive customer service

Organize your staff capacity based on visitor traffic patterns